Wednesday, September 24, 2014


If football truly teaches young men about life and that is the justification for its prominence in our schools then Charlie Strong should have every fan in America pulling for the program he is instituting at the University of Texas in Austin. And every high school athletic director across this nation should be able to count on that same kind of support.

Here is an excerpt from Coach Strong’s most recent press conference. He is sticking with what he is doing even though it has cost his team nine players. Players that could have remained on the roster and helped win games …. But at what cost? Here is some of what Coach strong said,
“The blue print of this program has been and always will be the change in helping direct the lives of young people. I'm sorry that another player had to be dismissed, but when you're told something over and over again...
We continue to develop young men. We will continue to ask them to follow our core values, which all of them have been brought up on. They understand what the core values are. When you are asked to do something and you are part of a team, and when you don't do it then you affect the whole team, and you affect the whole program.
Young people want discipline in their lives, and it's our job as a coaching staff to make sure that we provide him with discipline. I always look at it like this - right now, they are laying a foundation for 10 years from now. That foundation is the house they are going to live in, the wife they are going to pick to marry, their children and how they're going to provide for them and how they're going to raise them. If that foundation is provided for them now, 10 years from now they'll just be able to lean back on it and look back and say 'That's the life that I want to live.
Any time a player is dismissed from this program it hurts me because we are here to help young men. We are not here to run young men off; that's not our job. We're here to help them, and it just bothers me. When you're given an opportunity, you want to make sure you have every resource and everything available to help them be successful.
I always look at it - sometimes you see someone that has given so much and achieved so little and then someone that has given so little and achieved so much.
I'm not hard at all. Those guys have more fun around me then they will ever have around any coach, and that's just the atmosphere that I provide for them. I give them a lot of chances to get it right because I want them to still be successful.
When you say you're going to do something, it's just like your own child, they're going to challenge you. Now when they do challenge you, then what are you going to do about it? It's not so much the program, it's just that young men sometimes want to make a decision where they feel like it is their prerogative to do whatever they want to do. It just can't happen here.”

One sports commentator defended the Longhorn coach and his program this way:

“If you watched this press conference, you can tell Coach strong is deeply upset. He wants it more for these guys than they do for themselves. Some of his values, which I've read and heard described as "strict" or "old fashioned" or "intolerant" or "meat-headed" are, in fact, the basis of a functioning civil society. Basic respect for women, don't steal, don't carry guns for cheap street cred, don't lie, don't let your life be ruled by drugs or alcohol such that you can't live up to your responsibilities.”

Wednesday, September 10, 2014


It has been called to our attention by those who are willing to suffer a constant barrage of twisted liberal articles and comments so they can check the “car wreck blog” to see if anyone they know has been hurt in an accident that Allen Youngblood has joined Eddie Shauberger in the continued irrational bombardment and assassination of Sheriff Bobby Rader’s reputation.

Why Youngblood has decided to devote so much of his time and energy and blog space to slinging mud on Rader is as difficult to understand as it is to try and figure why ANY BUSINESS would advertise with someone who is attacking a very popular public official. But we have taken note that the irrational, suspicious attacks on Rader’s character that started with Eddie Shauberger have now been continued by his former classmate, Allen Youngblood.

Shauberger still awaits trial for allegedly sexually raping/assaulting his adopted daughters and for various business problems linked to the business he owned years ago. While we have repeatedly asserted we have no insight into his guilt or innocence, we continue to be in the dark on how him knowing the law was after him related to his unabashed devotion to the re-election of the failed sheriff, Henry Patterson. Shauberger spent hours and days dogging his friends and their wives to vote for Patterson. He tried blackmail and every other coercive device he could conjure up as he forfeited friendships and declared war to try and defeat Rader. We don’t know why.

But we do know Youngblood has now joined the effort.


There is no doubt one of the most popular public responses to news stories is to blame the media. We have done it ourselves and done it with no regrets. The media, television, newspapers, and radio stations are guilty of having a point of view and allowing it to color its “news”. We prefer and are unusual in the fact that we are very open in where our ideology and our preference lies – the conservative wing of the Republican party. But most media make the unbelievable claim that they merely “report the news” and their own bias is not reflected in their reporting. Hogwash!

With that said and with nothing but kudos intended, locally we want to recognize the closest local media to fulfilling the goal of news with no spin is definitely The Dayton News and The Cleveland Advocate. Both local papers are run by Editor-n-Chief Vanessa Brashier. Vanessa does a great job putting together a newspaper that covers most of the community interests and all the other things a reader hopes to find in a good newspaper. It is a massive, never ending undertaking with publishing deadlines and story after story to cover. She is aided currently by another excellent writer, Casey Stinnett and a small staff. Both the newspapers are a credit to the community as they help us feel closer to each other and more aware of our surroundings and specifics about our neighbors lives.

So what is the catch? Why compliment local media? At times we have been no holes barred negative about media. The answer is simple. At times we have wanted the media to report things they should know about and readers would want to know. And at times, we have viewed events differently.

But we are freely giving compliments to Ms. Brashier and her papers because she puts out a really good local paper week after week. We have learned that all though we all have bias, these papers are making every attempt to serve the public and not their self interest. Unlike competitors, Ms. Brashier’s advertisers can know when they spend their hard earned money and place an ad in one of her papers, no one should feel the paper is so uneven and out of balance politically that they have to hold their nose to fork the dough over.

So here is to you Vanessa. Casey. And staff. Keep up the good work. We will surely criticize you again, but you have earned our respect and we want everyone to know it.

Sunday, August 24, 2014


The “cream of the crop”, “top of the game” advertising executives in this country make a great deal of money helping companies maximize the best return possible for the money they spend. In smaller companies, these decisions aren’t made by well trained experts and there are no studies to give them feedback on whether they are spending their money well. In a rural county like Liberty County the choices of where to advertise are limited but the decision of how this part of the budget is still very important. 

Research nationwide has been done on internet advertising that might benefit local Liberty County advertisers. To our knowledge only one local blog collects ad money for advertising. With the trend in the country obviously moving toward collecting consumer information and targeting customers on blogs that are proven winners for advertisers, it is difficult to understand why any local company advertises with the local blogger. The host of that blog has advertisers but they are research-based and targeted to each person who views the blog.  

The local company hoping to benefit by spending their hard earned money does not have that capability. His ads appear to everyone who views the blog. There is no target. Readers of that blog and advertisers should take note. When you goon that local blog, the host of the blog will have sold an ad to some company based off of your interest. For me, it may be clothes for grandchildren, but for another person it may be bow hunting equipment.
The local company may need to rethink their decision to post ads on a blog if they are comforted by seeing other ads on there. Some are well placed ads that are not local, but (as we have said) targeted. Others may be local advertisers wasting their money. There have been at least three local blogs with fairly high readership. But readership in terms of numbers is not necessarily the best way to spend advertising money.

If readers are holding their collective noses and quickly checking to see if there have been any local wrecks, your money may be better off spent in Christmas bonuses. These readers may never see your ad, or they may hate the site so much they wonder why you advertise on it. neither is good for business.

Corrupt prosecutors who play political games...

There's nothing like Texas when it comes to treating what most consider the normal business of politics as a major crime, especially when the prosecutor is of the opposite party persuasion. That appears to be what happened to Gov. Rick Perry, who is facing charges that vetoing funds of the Austin County prosecutor's office constitutes a felony that could send him away for more than 100 years if he were convicted, which seems highly unlikely.

Saturday, August 16, 2014


The indictment of James Richard Perry is one more in a growing list of examples of elected officials using the power given to them to eliminate what some might refer to as those “pesky little participants in our democracy.” We have seen it lately with grand juries, elected boards, IRS officials, and a whole host of others. Indicting someone needed to be taken down a peg or fired or dragged through the courts because of one thing or another when in truth anyone with a brain knew the person being whacked. This newest mess with James Richard Perry from Paint Creek, Texas better be resolved in a way that does not harm him or this country might as well pull up chairs and grab a front row seat while those we give power to use it to destroy the country using deception and the power given to them to end the great experiment known as the United States of America.

One thing working for those who would hate to see that happen is James Richard Perry is not only a fighter that will use the courts if necessary to vindicate himself, he is also the Governor of Texas. I said Texas. Texans know Governor Perry is guilty of nothing and the courts in Texas rarely have the bizarre outcomes other states experience. In fact, in Texas the people attempting to get Perry out of the their way may find that the courts will do more than just say Perry is innocent. The courts may punish this cowardly and openly deceptive abuse of power.

 Perry needed something to help change the image left with Americans in  the last Presidential race and this may or may not be just the ticket. Overcoming the negative stereotype of him being shallow pretty boy from a conservative-crazed Texas that was either suffering from Alzheimers or stupidity should not be difficult. This indictment could be the game-changer he needs to generate a fresh start and a new image. An image that is closer to fact than the wild fiction the media enjoyed last time.

Perry is eyeing a presidential run in 2016, and though I would hope conservatives have other and better choices, his stock went up with me as soon as the Democrats lied and said this whole thing was plain and simple. The Governor did something wrong and he must be punished. If Perry artfully uses this occasion to be a victim, martyr and fighter, it could be just the rehab he needed. If he had no politicak ambitions,he might could make a pile of money in a lawsuit on this little scheme that has been perpetrated on him. But Perry is a politician and if he plays this right he will get something more valuable than money – he will be getting a lot more media attention than he would in the coming days and weeks.

There is little question that the indictment is absurd. And after watching the video of Travis County District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg’s behavior after her drunken-driving arrest, it’s no wonder that Perry declared a loss of public confidence in her ability to lead the public integrity unit. If you have not watched the video yet, trust me it’s on its way to being a political classic.

While proper prosecution of people that are harmful to society is a good thing and reassures the public that the checks and balances in our democracy are working. Concocted, phony and retaliatory prosecutions serve only to reinforce the public’s skepticism about the motives of our country’s political leadership and undermine the public trust. If we needed further erosion of the public faith in our government, this indictment certainly supplies it. It should backfire and the only one that should suffer are those who tried to deceive the American public and harm a citizen by using false pretenses

Bogus charges against a political foe erode the relevancy of legitimate corruption charges when they are actually needed and warranted. By pursuing Perry’s indictment, the Democrats might actually do Perry some good. But in the meantime, they are contributing to the further disintegration of the ability of our two-party system to create a government that functions.
Travis County has a reputation for this kind of stuff and, with this grand jury acting at the behest of special prosecutor Michael McCrumo, they are sure to keep to keep that reputation.

The basic facts of the case are simple. Travis County DA Rosemary Lehmberg, a Democrat, pled guilty to DWI and served 45 days in jail. After serving her jail sentence, Lehmberg refused to step down and continued to be the supervisor of the Public Integrity Unit. In response to the audacity of her contnuing to serve in this capacity, Governor Perry announced that unless she stepped down he would veto funding of that unit. Later he followed through and did veto the bill.

Perry is not accused of abuse of power for actually vetoing the bill because state law says the Governor can veto a bill for any reason he wants to or no reason at all. Governor Perry is accused of threatening the D.A.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Consider the source...

In a recent series of events Allen Youngblood of i-dineout blog has become the news/story in Liberty County.  Youngblood in an attempt to draw readers in to his blog has created a controversy at the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office.  Youngblood has harassed and stalked the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office and harassed Sheriff Bobby Rader.  The continued series of meaningless stories and open records act request’ by Youngblood- pointed at the Sheriff’s Office is not only bizarre, it’s histrionic and self-dealing.
Youngblood the Clown

Youngblood creates a controversy by splashing lies about the courthouse security being taken away and how the judges will not have any protection.  He continues to manufacture controversies concerning the tools the sheriff needs to police Liberty County and protect its people.

The truth is, Bobby Rader is a good man and a great sheriff.  The sheriff is not perfect but... Rader is doing as much as he can with what little he has been given.   Rader wants to police more of the county but is short handed plain and simple.  In a modern world, the protection of the people should come first before the county’s other needs but... not in Liberty County.

Next time you hear someone questioning our sheriff Bobby Rader, consider the source.

Note: Stay tuned for an upcoming LCSO story from HCN Cleveland News.